Automate your Salesforce Revenue Schedules with RevenueCloud AutoSchedule

Does your Digital Media Sales Team need automatic Product Scheduling between Ad flight dates in Salesforce?  

RevenueCloud AutoSchedule™ is an extension to RevenueCloud that enables automatic creation and updating of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Quantity and Revenue Schedules. 

Implementation and configuration of this extension to the popular RevenueCloud™ App is quick and easy, yet the RevenueCloud AutoSchedule™ module is surprisingly powerful and will add essential visibility to your Pipeline and Revenue Reporting in Salesforce with no additional clicks or input from your Sales Team. This means that there will be no training required for your Sales Reps and adoption of this feature will only require minimal behind the scenes configuration by your Salesforce Administrator.

Any Ad Server integration that inserts Opportunity Products in Salesforce can be extended to create Quantity and Revenue Schedules with RevenueCloud AutoSchedule™.

DoubleClick DSM integrates easily with RevenueCloud AutoSchedule™ using the DoubleClick Salesforce App – A couple of simple workflow field updates and custom settings are all that’s required to utilize DoubleClick line item start and end dates to generate and update schedules with RevenueCloud AutoSchedule™.

RevenueCloud AutoSchedule Integrated with DoubleClick DART Sales Manager (DSM)

DoubleClick DSM Product with Daily Revenue Schedule Generated by RevenueCloud AutoSchedule™ according to Ad Flight Dates in Opportunity Product

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