RevenueCloud Video Demo

RevenueCloud for Salesforce is the Gold Standard Revenue Splitting and Commissioning Platform for Salesforce.

This video uses real-life business scenarios to demonstrate basic through advanced functions of RevenueCloud including Opportunity Revenue Splits, Manager Overlays, Product Splits, Commissions Calculations and Customizing RevenueCloud to use your own custom fields in Salesforce.

This video shows you how RevenueCloud presents user-friendly, intuitive interfaces to end users which require little or no training while simultaneously providing Sales Operations with a highly flexible and configurable platform to generate and maintain granular sales data by User, Date, Opportunity, Product, Account and more.

RevenueCloud has been specifically engineered, optimized and continuously evolved since 2010 to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce Analytics and to maintain a detailed and highly configurable data set for Reporting, Sales Performance Management and API Integration with Back Office and Incentive Compensation Systems.